Privacy Policy


We will never share any email addresses, data or other information that you provide us with, with any 3rd party, unless you give us express written permission.


When used correctly, cookies can be very useful. You can view, access and alter the cookies used in this web site at any time by using the 'Cookies' button at the foot of this page.

This site uses two cookies that will be set on your computer: ironically, one is to suppress the privacy notice that we are required to display, and once you accept that cookie, you won't see the message again. You can elect not to have this cookie set, if you prefer; it just means that you'll see the privacy notice again if you return to the site.

The other is a tracking cookie, used so that we can see how many visitors to the site there are, which pages they visit, and how long they stay. It's useful, but this data is anonymised so that we can't, for example, look up your IP address to find out who you are, but again, you are free to disable this if you like.

What do we do with any information that you send us?

We do not store any personal information from you unless you choose to contact us by email. Your email address and any other information you send us, may be retained in order to reply to you to answer your queries or questions. Any files that you send to us will be stored and segregated into a client-specific folder on our internal network. Our hard disks and any backups made are fully encrypted using a strong asymmetric cryptographic algorithm.

How do we keep your data secure?

We use Google servers to process email, using SSL encrypted ports. Physical access to the account is protected by a 2-factor authentication process, meaning that only devices that we have authorised can log in to it. The computers and devices that we use to access email are also protected by furher secure authentication and kept up-to-date with anti-virus software which constantly monitors for malware. All software that we run is fully-licenced, obtained directly from source and kept up to date with security patches as soon as they are issued.


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