Digital media

Your video footage, logos and photos assembled into attention-grabbing clips and slideshows for marketing, social media, events or domestic use.

  • Fast and efficient turn-around
  • Economical and effective
  • Interactive options available
  • prices start at just £99+VAT
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Online magazine and e-Book publishing

  • brochures, technical publications, e-magazines and e-books compiled from your source material
  • all popular digital formats for viewing on Kindle, iBooks, e-pub and standard browsers
  • embedded revenue-generating premium content & subscription options
  • prices start at £49+VAT
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Content restriction services

Want to keep your reports, recommendations and other deliverables restricted to a preview until your customer has paid for your work?

Our DRM services offer a variety of protection solutions tailored to your specific requirements so that your documents are kept under your control even after they have been issued.

  • Apply licences and protect your revenue
  • Prevent confidential documents from being copied, printed or forwarded
  • Withdraw access permissions at any time

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